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BBA’s Gen-AI Powered ERM Solution

ARTICLE| Thu Mar 28 2024

BBA’s Gen-AI Powered ERM Solution

Backed by cutting edge Machine Learning algorithm and extensive data insights, BBA provides financial, enterprise and model risk management Software as a Service (SaaS) for financial services organizations globally. Regardless of our clients’ strategic orientation, BBA’s mission is to safeguard the financial resilience of our clients using advanced solutions. The following is the modular overview of BBA’s solutions:

Figure 1: Modular overview of BBA’s SaaS platform

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BBA’s end-to-end, cloud-native solutions are designed for Finance, Risk and Treasury functions with the following unique value propositions (UVPs):

BBA’s gen AI powered ERM solution serves all lines of defense (LODs): business and operations, the compliance and risk functions, and audit. It is designed to provide automated reporting, improved risk transparency, higher efficiency in risk-related decision making, and partial automation in drafting and updating policies and procedures to reflect changing regulatory requirements.

It acts as a reliable and efficient source of information and reporting, enabling risk managers to make informed decisions swiftly and accurately.

Key modules include:

BBA’s ERM solution facilitates better coordination between the first and second LODs in the organization while maintaining the governance structure across all three. The improved coordination enables enhanced monitoring and control mechanisms, thereby strengthening the organization’s risk management framework.

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